What Liberal Lingo Like 'Microaggression,' 'Cultural Appropriation' ACTUALLY Mean

May 10, 2016May 10, 2016

It may sound like gobbledygook to you, but there are a rash of new or repurposed terms being used by liberals — especially on college campuses — to help anyone who is not a straight, white male feel properly victimized. Here's a quick guide to help you truly understand the new lingo from a liberal's perspective:


MARGINALIZED: Victimized, even if you've just realized you are for the first time in your entire life.
MICROAGGRESSION: Anything anyone says that a liberal doesn't agree with or thinks that some marginalized person somewhere in the universe might possibly offended by at sometime in their life. This especially has to do with race.
SOCIAL CONSTRUCT: What your parents, traditionalist teachers, conservatives, and books written before 2015 taught you. And it's probably wrong.
HETERONORMATIVE: Speaking, acting, or thinking in a way that assumes gender exists.
CULTURAL APPROPRIATION: Participating in any way in a marginalized culture if you are not a marginalized being. For example, wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayor or being caught eating a taco.
INCLUSIVITY: If you agree with me, you're included. If you don't, you're excluded and you're an intolerant, hateful bigot.
TRANSGENDER: If you identify as a woman today, even if you've never dressed, acted, or talked like a woman or had any surgeries, then, yes, go ahead and use Target's women's restroom.
GENDER BINARY: An outdated, discriminatory, embarrassing concept from the Stone Age that says there are no more or no fewer than two genders — male and female.
(ANYTHING)-PHOBIA: The only reason you're disagreeing with a liberal agenda is because you're irrationally terrified by it. There's no other reason to ever disagree with a liberal.
PRIVILEGED: If you're white, straight, and had loving parents, then you can never take credit for anything you've accomplished. Everything was unfairly given to you. If you say anything a marginalized person doesn't agree with, they can shut you down simply be saying "that's your privilege talking" or "you need to check your privilege."
DISADVANTAGED: Everyone else.
TRIGGER WARNING: It used to apply to things that could trigger flashbacks in someone who has experienced a horrible trauma, but now it simply means being offended because someone is disagreeing with you.
BIAS INCIDENT: Someone disagreed with you. Therefore, they must hate you.
FREE SPEECH: An outmoded concept created by dead white guys in order to promote hate speech.
HATE SPEECH: Anything you don't agree with.
IDENTITY: Fluid and something only you can define. Unless you're a conservative, though. Then we identify you as a bigot.

It all should be much clearer now.