What Key Provision is Hidden in the Climate Accord Just Approved by Obama and Kerry?

December 14, 2015Dec 14, 2015

The liberal news media is busy praising Obama and Kerry and the new climate accord reached in Paris. What is very interesting is one key fact that almost no one is reporting.

In Paris this last week, representatives from the countries of the world reached an agreement to lower emissions, largely by cutting use of coal and oil. The claim was that this will reduce carbon emissions that will then lower global warming, which certainly sounds like a good idea.

One problem in the past has been that these world agreements required developed nations to cut their economies (read: the US and others) while allowing the developing countries to continue to use lots of energy (read: India and China). This time around, the developing nations appeared to agree to cut their use of coal and oil based energy. How did this happen?

Well, hidden in the agreement, and not reported on in the liberal news media's glowing headlines, is a 100 billion dollar a year "bribe" paid by developed nations (read: the US and others) to developing nations in order to get them to comply. In other words, the US will cut its use of coal and oil, two commodities we have lots of and which give us a strong economic advantage. We will start to use more alternative energy sources where we have no advantage. This will hurt our economy and cost us hundreds of billions to construct new energy sources.

And to top it all off, while hurting our economy and reducing our competitive advantage and costing us money, we will contribute to a fund (think global welfare) of $100 billion dollars a year to help other countries catch up. And all this will be paid for by future American citizens long after Obama and Kerry are out of office. If the liberal news media reported all the facts, maybe we would have a much clearer picture of what is really going on.