What Just Happened To A Christian Doctor In Georgia Should Make Every Christian Person Uneasy

April 21, 2016Apr 21, 2016

Dr. Eric Walsh was a public health expert with the Georgia Department of Public Health who was wrongly terminated for his Christian beliefs.


In addition to being a doctor, Dr. Walsh also serves as a minister.  According to Fox News, Dr. Walsh was let go from his job for sermons that he gave on Sundays while not at work.  In his sermons he covered issues such as homosexuality, marriage, sexuality, creationism, and evolution.

“He was fired for something he said in a sermon,” Dr. Walsh’s lawyer Jason Dys said. “If the government is allowed to fire someone over what he said in his sermons, they can come after any of us for our beliefs on anything.”

Since his wrongful termination and persecution, Dr. Walsh has secured representation from First Liberty, a law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases and has brought a lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Public Health.

“I don’t believe I did anything wrong,” Dr. Walsh said. “This has been very painful for me. I really am a strong believer in the Constitution. But now I feel like maybe all these ideals and values that I was raised to believe, the ideals this country was founded upon, no longer exist.”

In trying to appear tolerant, the Department of Public Health alienated and ridiculed a prominent man directly because of his faith and beliefs.  They caved in to pressure from anti-religious freedom and pro-LGBT groups.