What is Tim Tebow supposedly doing now that has liberal media outraged?

December 10, 2015Dec 10, 2015

Tim Tebow is a committed Christian who has held true to his faith even in the midst of fame and fortune. Recently, however, it was reported that he did something that caused liberal media to think he was crazy. What was it?

According to news reports, Tim was dating a former Miss USA—every man's dream. His crime? He told her he was committed to remaining a virgin until he was married—and in response she ended the relationship. (Later media reports say they were never even dating, but this is what was initially reported in the media.)

To the liberal news media, this is crazy. How could you get a gorgeous girl friend and then turn down sex? The fact that a committed Christian would stay true to his word—that God intended him to stay a virgin until marriage—should call forth praise for his character, and not criticism.

Tim, we support you! Stay true to your Christian convictions—regardless of what the liberal news media says about you!