What is the Mainstream Media Keeping From Us About Super Tuesday Results?

March 02, 2016Mar 02, 2016

To watch the mainstream media on Tuesday night, it seemed all about Donald Trump for the Republicans. Statistics show that Donald Trump is getting 5 to 10 times as much media coverage as his opponents, and Tuesday night looked like a landslide for Donald.

The same thing is happening with Hillary Clinton. She received overwhelming amounts of coverage for her victories, where Bernie Sanders was mentioned only a fraction as much.

What is the reality of the race at this point?


Donald Trump is the clear front-runner, but his lead is not as huge as one might think. He has a little over 300 delegates; Ted Cruz has a little over 200; and Marco Rubio has about 100. What could have been a landslide for Trump Tuesday night if he had won 10 out of 11 states as was predicted, has now turned into a much closer race.

The same is the case on the Democratic side. Hillary was supposed to clean up Tuesday, which was largely Southern states with large African American voters who tended to vote for Hillary. The actual delegate count of earned delegates (not counting the Super Delegates who are stacked for Hillary) shows Hillary with a significant lead but not at all overwhelming.

Yet to look at the mainstream media, it looks like Trump versus Hillary is what they all want.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are indeed the strong front-runners at this point, and it may well be that is the race this fall. But the primary season is far from over at this point.