What Is The Government Hiding With The Transgender Bathroom Outrage?

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May 14, 2016May 14, 2016

I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but one has to wonder. Just what is the government and the Obama administration doing behind the scenes that needs attention drawn away from it so badly?

Were there marches in the streets from millions of transgender people who have been turned away from using bathrooms? Were transgender people forced out of bathrooms and publicly humiliated and shamed? The answer is no. So where did this sudden need to reject thousands of years of common sense and science come from?

Obama and his administration have likened the transgender bathroom fight to the civil rights movement and have painted transgender people as victims of Jim Crow style persecution. One major problem with that notion is that if Obama believed that these people were so victimized and persecuted and that it truly is a civil rights issue, why did he not ever mention it earlier? When in all of his 50+ years did he ever champion this cause against perceived injustice?

This attack on biology, fact, common sense, and morals in the form of Obama’s aggressive actions has only recently become a major issue. It leads one to wonder why all of a sudden is this is a major concern for Obama. Why has the government pushed so hard to normalize the actions of .03 percent of the population and in turn disavow the beliefs and safety of the majority of Americans?

It is a topic so far out of left field that it lends to large amounts of outrage and media coverage and takes away from far more pressing issues such as global terrorism, the economy, or the national debt. Forcing girls to open up their bathrooms to share with men was never an issue until Obama decided it was and made it a rallying cry.

Why do you think this is all of a sudden such a big issue for Obama?