What is Obama Planning Now for Gun Control?

December 19, 2015Dec 19, 2015

The new White House announcement should have gun owners running scared.

On Friday, the White House announced that President Obama has directed his legal team to look for what he can do -- without Congressional approval -- to further restrict guns in America.

The announcement was phrased in terms of how terrorists can be restricted from purchasing guns. On the face of it, this sounds commendable; no one wants terrorists to have guns.

Gun owners and other conservatives, however, have a deeper concern. The concern is that terrorists will still be able to purchase guns; terrorists are typically not buying guns on an impulse but will find ways to make their purchase.

In the process of restricting gun sales and ownership, the ultimate concern is a national gun registry where the government will know every firearm and who owns it and where they are located. At that point it would be much easier for the government to confiscate guns or further restrict their use.

What is causing additional concern is the fact that, once again, the White House is going outside of Congress in considering its options. In recent days it seems like the Congress is giving the White House much of what it wants; if it doesn't, the Obama Administration takes executive action to go around Congress. Our system of checks and balances seems to be badly broken.