What Is Illegal Immigration Costing Our Country?

February 06, 2016Feb 06, 2016

This national immigration situation is a very serious, complex, knotty problem, isn’t it?  Our laws about how to obtain citizenship in the United States are clearly spelled out, and millions of people have streamed into our country –legally—obeying these laws, learning much of our history and purpose, becoming at least marginally conversant in English, and passing the tests required of all would-be new Americans.  It’s very likely that almost all of us can trace our lineage to ancestors born and raised in some other part of the world, and who came to this country looking for a different kind of life than the one they’d known.

And especially in more recent new citizens, there has seemed to be more fervent appreciation of America’s liberties and opportunities than is usually evidenced by people whose families go back many generations.  The obvious explanation is that people who haven’t been used to the wide open, sky’s the limit, dictate your own future and have a personal say in your own government kind of life, have a much deeper reverence for the American way than do those who’ve never known anything else, and who take it for granted.

But regardless, anybody who will take our legal system seriously and go through the required tests and preparations will be welcomed into our society. Doesn’t matter where they come from, what their religion or color or cultural differences—they’re welcomed as Americans.  Pretty neat, huh?

Now, while we weren’t paying nearly enough attention, 12 to 14 million people, from several countries, have streamed across our porous borders and embedded themselves into our neighborhoods and business operations and even our schools, churches and hospitals---illegally.

They, too, came hoping for looking for a different kind of life, in most cases having had precious little back home. Very understandable.  And they found farmers and employers who would pay them small money for tough jobs, money that would only provide a meager existence here, but also give them some to send not back to relatives in “the old country”.

Several serious problems came with them, though. They were not only completely ignoring the legal system for living in America, they felt the need to find medical help and schooling and other requisites, so they’ve increasingly found ways to demand and obtain the requisites ---without obeying the laws that all previous immigrants had to obey!

If this continues, what will become of our immigration –and other—laws? How will the American taxpayer manage to pay for his own—and so many countless other—expenses?

Though most of us aren’t heartless, uncaring people, we’re starting to learn that the cost of 14 million illegal aliens in our midst will soon eclipse even the cost of the war in Iraq.

-Pat Boone