What is Happening in Virginia with the Muslim teaching?

December 18, 2015Dec 18, 2015

Schools closed today in Virginia as outrage continued to grow.

Outrage continued to grow in Virginia after parents learned of a teacher's requiring her students to write out in Arabic the Muslim creed.

Conspicuously absent from the outrage was the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU would almost certainly have protested if teachers required students in a public school to write out a statement affirming the divinity of Jesus Christ

The Virginia School District affected ordered all schools shut on Friday as outrage and reaction grew. According to CBSNews, the district received an outpouring of reaction as parents learned of what was happening. Those defending the teacher said it was an innocent lesson in other cultures. The parents and others who were outraged said there were plenty of ways to teach Arabic writing or culture without having students write an affirmation of the Muslim faith.

The school district said that in the future this action would not be repeated and the school would find other ways of describing Arab culture. It is a very positive development that, in this PC age, parents can express their voices and the secular school system will listen.