What in the galaxy?! Chewbacca Arrested In Ukraine For Campaigning For THIS Candidate

October 28, 2015Oct 28, 2015

Apparently the lure of the dark side was just too great for one famous Wookie.

According to The Huffington Post, a man dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars was campaigning Sunday on election day in Ukraine, violating the country's strict law that forbids campaigning on election day.


The write-in candidate he was pushing for? Darth Vader.

The country's 11-million-member Internet Party has a history of "Star Wars"-theme campaigns, and according to CNET Magazine, last year a candidate by the name of Darth Vader had his application for presidential candidacy denied. This year he set his sights more locally and aimed for mayor of Odessa.

Although the election results haven't been announced yet, it appears that Darth Sidious — also known as Emperor Palpatine — has secured a seat on the Odessa City Council.

When arrested by officers for violating election day law, the Wookie appeared to struggle but, as Han Solo threatened in "Star Wars: A New Hope," he didn't pull anyone's arms out of their sockets.

It also seemed to take police trying to handcuff the hairy giant a while to find his wrists.

The now-disheveled Wookie appeared in court in costume and was fined $170. He refused to pay because he said his galactic bank account wasn't attached to any ATMs on our planet.

I guess nobody decided to just "let the Wookie win."