What Happened When A Man Walked Into Target And Asked About The Girl’s Bathroom? Truly Disturbing!

April 25, 2016Apr 25, 2016

Target’s “open bathroom” policy defies common sense. The retail chain recently said that people can use any bathroom they wish. Men can relieve themselves alongside women in the same bathroom.

Target said their policy was about being inclusive to transgender people, a miniscule segment of the population compared to the number of women and children who frequent their stores and don’t feel comfortable being forced to share a bathroom with a biological male. Now that Target has catered to the liberal rallying cry, they have opened a pandoras box of dangerous possibilities. 

One man filmed his recent trip to Target. He asked the workers if it was true that he could use the women’s bathroom if he wanted. The worker said that the could use the women’s bathroom and that if any women complained, he would talk to them about it.