What Franklin Graham Has to Say about Anthony Bourdain's Suicide

June 09, 2018Jun 09, 2018

It's been a tragic week: First Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain.

On Friday in France, Bourdain, the famous food adventurer and cultural commentator, hanged himself by a bathrobe belt in his hotel bathroom. What could drive someone, especially one with so much success, to take his own life? Franklin Graham has one word for it: hopelessness.

"Like everyone else," begins Graham's Facebook post, "I was shocked to hear that Anthony Bourdain had committed suicide. Even though I didn’t know him personally, it was always fascinating to see where Anthony was and what food he was eating. I think it was so interesting to me because I had been to many of the places featured on his shows. I appreciated his adventurous spirit."

"I think most of us have known someone who committed suicide," continues Graham. "Nearly 800,000 people intentionally take their own lives around the world every year according to the World Health Organization (WHO) — that’s one person every 40 seconds. And for each person who is successful in committing suicide, 20 or more attempt it. Suicide is an epidemic we can’t deny. The root cause? An overwhelming hopelessness. A feeling that life’s just not worth it and the problems are insurmountable."

"There is only One who can give us the hope we need—Jesus Christ," encourages Graham. "God created each one of us, and there is a void in every life that can only be filled by a relationship with Him. People try to be good, people try religion, people try success—but peace and hope do not come from those things. Religion can’t save you—only a relationship with Jesus Christ can give you the hope and purpose that you need in life. If you know the love and hope found in Christ, be sure to share it with others."

Bourdain had one daughter, 11 year old Ariane, from his second marriage with Ottavia Busia which lasted 9 years. He has said of his daughter: "My sole duty as a parent and as a father, particularly raising a little girl who is going to grow up to be a young woman, is that she will never look to men for affirmation, or anyone else for affirmation or self-worth or be physically intimidated by anyone," Bourdain said, shared Good Housekeeping. "My daughter spinning arm bars is a thing of envy — Ronda Rousey quality."

It's heartbreaking that she will grow up without her father. Let's pray God comforts her and Bourdain's family as they grieve his loss.


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