What Everyone Knew Would Happen At Target JUST Happened.

May 06, 2016May 06, 2016

Target has put women and children at risk of predators by enacting a policy that caters to an incredibly small number of people who choose to ignore their gender and take on the identity of the opposite gender.

Parents and concerned citizens across the country have spoken up loudly against the dangerous policy. A boycott of Target has garnered more than 1 million signatures so far.

It appears that what parents have feared most is now beginning to happen in Target stores. According to Breitbart, a man in Frisco, Texas recorded a young girl as she was undressed in the changing room. 


The girl reported to her parents that she saw a man peering over the wall and recorded her with his cell phone. The parents then reported the incident to Target and the police. Unfortunately for the girl, Target’s policy allowed the man into the changing room with no questions asked.

The incident took place Tuesday night. The police in Frisco are asking locals for help in identifying the man from surveillance footage as the man quickly got away before the police could arrive.