What Effect Has The Target Boycott Had So Far? The Numbers Are SHOCKING!

May 02, 2016May 02, 2016

The people have spoken out against Target and have spoken in a loud voice. Target enacted a policy that endangers women and children just to appease a miniscule percentage of the population.  What Target is quickly learning is that their largest demographic (mothers and their children) aren’t going to sit back and accept the harmful new policy.

The boycott against Target has well over a million signatures, with a large number of those signatures accounting for entire families. According to Breitbart, the growing boycott has already had a major effect on the retail store.

When Target rolled out their bathroom policy on April 19th, their stock was close to $84 a share. At the close of trading last Friday, the stock had fallen to $79.50.  In effect, the boycott has accounted for a portion of the stocks 5% drop.  The loss of 5% in stock equals roughly $2.5 billion dollars lost to the shareholders.

This goes to show that the average American does have a voice. We don’t have to accept the dangerous agenda that liberal companies and lawmakers are trying to force upon the people.

$2.5 billion dollars is a lot of money. The shareholders can’t be too happy to see their investment go down the drain.  If the stock continues to drop and the shareholders pull out, Target could be in for some serious trouble.

The boycott shows no signs of slowing down. In fact it only continues to grow. Are you a part of it?