What Does Phil Robertson Think About Black Friday -- and Shopping in General?

December 18, 2015Dec 18, 2015

In his new book Exploring the Joy of Christmas, Phil Robertson expresses very strong feelings about Black Friday -- the huge shopping day Friday after Thanksgiving.  

According to Phil, "As Christmas approaches, there are two words that strike terror in my heart -- Black Friday." Phil said he realizes most people want to shop for good deals -- he is just afraid they will want to take him along!

Phil hates to shop. Miss Kay, his wife, tells how, just after Phil became a Christian, he bought her two nice gifts for Christmas -- a set of cookware and a calculator, to keep track of the money they didn't have at the time! But Miss Kay says shopping is not Phil's strong suit.

Even Miss Kay no longer goes shopping on Black Friday. She describes how two ladies got in a literal fight over who got to be first in line!

So while the Robertsons have lots of Christmas spirit, don't expect to see Phil -- or Miss Kay -- at the shopping mall on Black Friday!