What Do Congress And The Mainstream Media Have In Common?

April 19, 2016Apr 19, 2016

Journalistic integrity has fallen so far and given way to a surge in biased and attack based reporting.  Nowadays, instead of being able to pick up any newspaper or turn on the TV and get the facts without overwhelming prejudice, people have trained themselves to look at a few select websites and publications that cater to their particular political leanings and overall worldview.

Trust in the media is at an all time low.  The American people trust the news organizations slightly less than they trust Congress to do their job.  According to AP, only 6% of people have faith and trust in the media to accurately report the news.

The shocking percentage of people who are unhappy with the media correlates to the fact that 90% of Americans believe that it is extremely important that the news organizations get their facts straight before publishing a story.  However, four out of ten people can point to specific stories in which the reporters and journalists got it wrong or imparted their own particular bias that made the story appear extremely one-sided.