What did Donald Trump's wife and campaign manager totally disagree on -- and who turned out to be right?

October 23, 2015Oct 23, 2015

Donald Trump was asked the question by an interviewer what would it take for him to drop out of the race?  

He gave what seemed like a logical answer -- that he would drop out if he was getting very little support, was low in the polls, if no one was calling him for an interview.  

After the interview, he said his wife thought that was a very good answer!  His campaign manager, Corey Lewandoski, said he thought it was a terrible answer and would cause him trouble.

Sure enough, the next day the press reported "Donald Trump might drop out of the race!"  

So the moral is, always listen to your campaign manager!  Now, Donald says if someone asks him if he would ever drop out of the race, he says "Never."