What did Candace Cameron Bure Say to Whoopi This Time?

February 02, 2016Feb 02, 2016

On the TV show The View, Whoopi Goldberg was expressing her joy about the fact that the pro-life team who shot the videos exposing Planned Parenthood were themselves in trouble.

Candace promptly defended them and pointed out the reality of the situation and spoke in defense of the Center for Medical Progress, as reported in LifeNews.com.

Candace said "My view is it seems completely backward. I think these were people that were exposing something horrific that goes on, and to see them indicted is horrifying to me. And I say...woe to them who call evil good and good evil."

Despite opposition from Whoopi and apparently others on the panel, Candace said "Listen, I'm an advocate for the unheard voice. These are unborn voices. They cannot defend themselves, and I will always defend them."

Way to go, Candace!