What Did Barron Trump Have in His Hand When Arriving to the White House?

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

First Lady Melania Trump and First Son Barron Trump finally arrived at the White House in June of 2017 to move into their new home. Melania tweeted a photo to announce the exciting news.


Melania and Barron have been living in Trump Tower since President Trump’s inauguration. The family made the choice for Trump’s wife and son to stay in New York so Barron could finish out the school year. Barron is set to start at his new school in Maryland Fall of 2017. He will be attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, which is a faith-filled school that ‘believes God represents the foundation of all truth and the source of all love’.

Many are excited for the First Lady and First Son to finally join our president in D.C. However, major headlines since the arrival seem to be focusing on Barron Trump’s T-shirt and what he was playing with in his hand when arriving to the White House.

Watch the video below:

Barron has a ‘The Expert’ T-shirt on, which has reportedly been sold out after Barron’s White House appearance. People also commented on what Barron was playing with in his hand, which looks like a red fidget spinner, reports AOL.

Fidget spinners have become a very popular trend recently for children, teenagers, and even adults. The small gadget was designed to help relieve stress and increase focus, but many use it simply as a toy.

Are you excited to see Melania and Barron Trump at the White House? We are!