What Caused These Mysterious Rolling Snowballs? Scientists Struggle To Answer

February 11, 2016Feb 11, 2016

With new human tracks in sight, people passing by were bewildered by the thousands of cylindrical snowballs that appeared in a central Idaho field overnight near the town of Picabo. The cylindrical formations — dubbed "snow rollers — are up to 18 inches tall and in many cases hollow in the center.


According to The Associated Press, National Weather Service meteorologist Jay Breidenbach says snow rollers of that size are extremely rare — so rare, in fact, that scientists don't know exactly what factors are needed for nature to create them.


Jay says that in general it's believed that a combination of just the right degrees of snow wetness, temperature, and wind are required. It takes a strong wind to roll the snow into bigger and bigger shapes but not too gusty of a wind, otherwise the fragile formations collapse.

"We know basically how they form and why they form, but we don't know the exact details," Breidenbach admits.


Whatever factors it takes to create these phenomenons, we can certainly chalk them up to another example of God's amazing creation.