What Candace Cameron Bure Is Looking For In A Trump-Bernie Debate

May 26, 2016May 26, 2016

As Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders draw close on participating in a highly-anticipated and unprecedented one-on-one debate that would not include Hillary, politically conservative cohost Candace Cameron Bure told her colleagues and the audience on "The View" which topics she's hoping Trump will bring up.


"I would love to hear this debate, too, because I hope that Donald would talk to [Bernie] about the economy and Bernie's socialist viewpoints. This would be interesting if Donald Trump could actually talk about something with substance. I would just hate it to be name-calling back and forth."

As for Hillary not being invited to Trump and Sander's personal televised face-off, Candace said, "I don't think that will look good for her."

Do you agree with Candace? Which topics are you hoping for Trump to focus on?