What Candace Cameron Bure Does When She Just Can't Take It Anymore

February 29, 2016Feb 29, 2016

"Sometimes, I have to boo-hoo it out in my car and just cry."

That's what the Christian and politically conservative "The View" cohost, "Fuller House" TV star, author of three bestselling books, wife, and mother of three says can happen when her life gets too busy.

But then she says in those times she'll "sit and have a moment. And then collect myself. I have a lot of failure moments. We all do. Nobody is perfect. Life isn't perfect. And sometimes I am proud of the failure because the failure means I have tried."

In an interview with CBN News, it is clear that Candace is not afraid of hard work and things that have resulted from increased public attention.

She said competing on "Dancing with the Stars" tested her bravery and her ability to, "[live] with conviction; staying true to myself and my faith and my values and sharing that on that level."

She added that having a deep passion for the things she does makes a huge difference.

"I am passionate about my work, whether it's writing or acting. And I am passionate about my family. I am passionate about my faith. Those are all huge things in my life, so I make time for all of those. And it is a juggling act for sure."