What Brooke Shields Just Claimed Trump Said to Her

October 04, 2017Oct 04, 2017

It's obvious that it's the cool thing to do in Hollywood to make fun of President Trump. From Meryl Streep's critical speech to Jimmy Kimmel's use of his late night show to blame Trump for all of America's problems, celebrities seem to try to log popularity points through putting down the president. 

That's not to say the following account isn't true; who knows? Only Brooke Shields and President Trump know for sure. On Tuesday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen, Shields and Cohen played a game where she was shown pictures of people and had to explain her history with them.

After being shown a picture of President Trump, Shields exclaimed, "No! I can't even speak!" She told Cohen that she was never friends with Trump but that the photo was taken at a charity food event.

"Did he hit on you?" Cohen asked. "No," Shields answered, "but he did ask me out later." Cohen asked Shields to explain, of course. "I didn't go out [with him]; he called me. I was on location doing a movie, and he called me right after he had gotten a divorce [from Marla Maples]," Shields said. "He said, 'I really think we should date, because you're America's sweetheart, and I'm America's richest man, and the people would love it.'"

E Online shares that Shields had recently divorced Andre Agassi and was already seeing someone else. So she said, "I have a boyfriend. He's not really going to be happy about it."

Shields is now one of a many other celebrities who have claimed Trump asked them out, including Candice BergenSalma Hayek and Emma Thompson. All have publicly shared the information in the last year, supporting the notion that making fun of Trump wins popularity points in Hollywood.

What do you think of Shield's story? Share your thoughts in the comments! While stars have been bashing Trump, he just came back from a heartbreaking visit to Las Vegas. He shared how it affected him in this moving statement.  

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