What Ben Carson Describes As The ‘Literal Enemy Of Our Children’ And What He Plans To Do

November 04, 2015Nov 04, 2015

In Ben Carson’s latest book, A More Perfect Union, he points to abortion as being the ‘literal enemy of our children’.  If he is elected president, he vows to wage war on that very specific enemy.


According to Breitbart, Carson plans to use the highest office in America to protect the unborn.  “First of all, I would use the bully pulpit to talk about the culture of life,” Carson said.  The changes would not stop there.  Carson would also appoint judges and supreme court justices who have had a history and record in protecting the lives of the unborn children.

“Financial stability and education will do our children no good if they are not alive to experience them,” Carson wrote in his book.

Do you agree with Carson?