What 3 Things Is Phil Robertson Talking About Now?

February 04, 2016Feb 04, 2016

What many people respect and admire about Phil Robertson is he is a man who stands by his convictions. When his TV network threatened to take him off the air for controversial statements, he stood by his guns — and the TV network backed down.


Now, in his "UnMuzzled" event, he is talking about 3 topics near to his heart. The 3?

"God, Guns, and Country"

As reported by the Great American Outdoor Show, "Behind the beard and mainstream media smears, Robertson is a deep, well-read man of God who is unabashed about the challenges we face, but whose faith in Jesus Christ gives him unwavering optimism."

So Phil stands strong for God; for guns; and for America, even in the face of mainstream media who can want to exclude God; take away our guns; and criticize America.

We need more people like Phil Robertson!