What went right this week: rewilding London, plus more positive news

In Wales, a community-owned windfarm went online

A community-owned windfarm in Wales is a great example of the spirit of putting the power in the people’s hands. 

More than 900 people from across the UK clubbed together to buy the £2.2m Graig Fatha wind turbine in Coedely. Even though not all stakeholders live near the turbine, they will still benefit from the energy it generates through ‘electricity bill reduction benefits’. It’s what sets the scheme apart from others. 

“This project demonstrates how wind farm ownership can free consumers from volatile, high energy prices and dependence on imported energy,” said Sarah Merrick, CEO of Ripple Energy, which operates the turbine. 

“Ripple’s 907 members will be generating their own low cost, green energy for the next 25 years. This shows better energy solutions, that give people real power, are available today.”

Image by Jan Kopriva
Main image: Fas Khan