What went right this week: low-cost rail for UK, plus more positive news

An exhibition highlighted progress in most cancers care

Current years have seen nice strides made in bettering the remedy of most cancers. Celebrating that progress is a UK exhibition that launched this week.

Most cancers Revolution opened at Manchester’s Science and Trade Museum on Friday. It’ll transfer to the Science Museum in London in 2022. 

The exhibition presents the tales of individuals affected by most cancers, along with those that research and deal with it. It’ll reveal how researchers, coverage makers and sufferers are fuelling progress.  

Katie Dabin, lead curator, mentioned: “Whereas we can’t cancer-proof our lives, extra individuals than ever earlier than may be handled or stay with the illness for a very long time, and we are able to take company within the face of it — from talking extra brazenly about it, being conscious of its causes and signs, dispelling misconceptions and stigma, and being open to discovering out extra about it.”

Picture: Nationwide Most cancers Institute
Most important picture: Singer songwriter Tom Walker at Kings Cross. Credit score: Lumo