What went right this week: historic win for nature, and more positive news

Lab-grown meat reached one other milestone

What’s believed to be the most important lab-grown steak ever produced was unveiled this week, marking a milestone for the nascent cultured meat trade. 

The 4oz steak was grown from tissue samples take from a cow after which 3D printed to resemble an everyday steak. The Israeli agency behind it, MeaTech, stated the achievement was an essential step towards scaling manufacturing of cultivated steaks. 

MeaTech is considered one of numerous upstart meals firms looking for to ship cultured meat mainstream. In July, one other Israeli agency, Future Meat Applied sciences, opened the world’s first lab-grown meat manufacturing facility, which it claims can produce $3.90 (£2.80) rooster breasts. 

In addition to saving hundreds of thousands of animals from being slaughtered, lab-grown meat produces a fraction of the emissions of typical farming, and makes use of subsequent to no land. Nevertheless, there are numerous regulatory hurdles to navigate to deliver lab-grown meat to market. 

MeaTech doesn’t have instant plans to mass produce its steaks. FMT has a goal date of 2022 to start out promoting cultured meat within the US. 

Picture: MeaTech