What went right this week: ‘Historic’ law to turn Welsh farming sustainable, plus more – FFA

Wales has a new law that supports sustainable farming

Wales will be the one to implement agricultural reforms that combat climate change and pay farmers for protecting the environment.

The Welsh government said its “historic” Agriculture BillSustainable farming will be supported by the, which has been in development since the 2016 Brexit vote. A new subsidy scheme will be rolled out to support the sector’s role in environmental stewardship.

This is seen as a stark contrast to rumours that similar measures across the border in England could be scrapped by Westminster. Defra confirmed that they had received the confirmation. Environment Land Management Scheme currently being piloted This is under review.

A new Sustainable Land Management program in Wales will reward farmers who take measures to mitigate climate change, improve ecosystems, and preserve the countryside. These include tree planting and habitat protection, as well as sustainable food production. 

Wales will also be the first country in the UK to ban snares or glue traps. These traps are widely condemned for capturing animals in indiscriminately and causing unnecessary suffering. 

These are challenging and difficult times for farmers. Climate change, rising costs, new trade deals and the war in Ukraine, are just some of the issues they face,” said Welsh Minister for Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths.

“This Bill provides a framework on which all future agricultural support will be delivered and outlines how we can keep farmers on the land, produce food sustainably and deal with the climate emergency.”

Image: Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock