What went right this week: booming city farms, plus more positive news

City farms were celebrated for their bounty

What comes to your mind when you think of farming? A tractor ploughing a field, cows grazing pastures, rows of vegetables in polytunnels? What about planters that aren’t visible from tower blocks? 

Maybe not, but perhaps it should – because according to the University of SussexThe city allotments are just as productive than conventional farms. This surprising finding was made after researchers surveyed an allotment in Brighton & Hove, England for two years.

They found that growers were able to harvest an average of 1kg per square metre of fruit and vegetables, which is comparable to conventional farming. What’s more, yields were achieved with limited pesticide use. 

Lead researcher, Dr Beth Nicholls, said: “The UK imports approximately £8bn of fruit and vegetables each year, but our results show that green spaces in cities, such as allotments and community gardens, could play an important role in meeting that demand at a local scale.”

Image: Alexander Turner for Positive News