What went right: ideas to change the world, plus more positive news

Winners of James Dyson Awards were announced

Innovations that save lives, prevent blindness, and increase plastic recycling have won the hearts of people around the world. James Dyson Award 2021, netting the inventors £30,000 each to scale up their technologies. 

The annual competition seeks solutions for global problems and saw record numbers of entries.

The international award was won for a glove-like device that allows people to monitor their eye pressure at the comfort of their home. High eye pressure can indicate glaucoma and should be treated promptly to avoid blindness. The testing kit was created by Kelu Yu, a Singaporean inventor (pictured), after her father was diagnosed.

Dutchman Jerry de Vos was the winner of the sustainability award. The handheld scanner (main image above) that identifies the type of plastic used in a product allows Jerry de Vos to win the sustainability award. Joseph Bentley, an English medical award winner, won the medical award. His device prevents blood from leaking from stab wounds and inflates a silicone balloon inside the victims. 

Image: James Dyson Award