What is the secret to your relationship’s success? – FFA

Think Valentine’s Day and what springs to mind? A candlelit dinner for your partner, a pub night with your single friends, Hallmark poetry, or limp petrol station flowers? 

Whatever you think of the occasion (genuinely romantic or exploitatively cliched), Valentine’s Day provides people with an opportunity — welcome or otherwise — to reflect on their relationship status and on what love means to them. 

As the day rolls around again, here at Positive News we want to cut through the schmaltz to find out what makes partnerships work well. In short, we want to know the secret to your relationship’s enduring success. How can you keep the lines open for communication? How can you navigate around bumps in your path? In what ways have you adapted to meet the other person’s needs?  

Insightful responses will be published in an article ahead of Valentine’s Day next week, providing inspiration for others. 

Please fill out this form to participate. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, feel free to be anonymous. But if you’d like to leave a name and location, that would be even better.

Main image: LollipopPhotographyUK