What I Saw at the Women’s March

Editor’s note: Videos and photos in this article contain adult language.

Thousands of pro-abortion activists gathered in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to rally with the Women’s March following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

The Daily Signal spoke to many people about the post-Dobbs landscape and asked whether they support restrictions on abortion. Most of the Women’s Marchers that The Daily Signal spoke with said that they did not support a single restriction on abortion, even if the unborn baby could feel pain or was able to survive outside the womb.

One Women’s Marcher acknowledged that “having abortion banned means that…now I have to be more careful when I have sex.”

Multiple activists who routinely protest outside the homes of the Supreme Court justices also attended the event — activists whose illegal protesting I had exposed in a report for The Daily WireOver the summer. Both Maryland and Virginia law prohibits picketing at the residence of an individual to disrupt or threaten to disrupt that individual’s “tranquility in his home.” Federal law also prohibits such behavior.

We observed some of these activists (including Nadine Seiler) harassing pro-life activists who attended the march. The pro-abortion demonstrators repeatedly screamed at the pro-life activists, loudly blared megaphones right into their ears, trampled on their pro-life banner.

Some of these Supreme Court activists recognized me from my coverage of their demonstrations and proceeded to harass myself and my video producer until we left the Women’s March, screaming and swearing at us, shoving their hands in front of our cameras, ringing bells in our faces and yelling into our ears with megaphones.

One activist repeatedly blew into the whistle so forcefully and so close that it was almost touching my face, her saliva landed all over my face.

“Sucks when that happens, doesn’t it,” shrieked activist Sadie Kuhns, as she followed us to the police line. Kuhns also accused her of doxxing me through my coverage, which is a reminder of how she frequently posts about her activities at justice’s homes.

“Bye b—-!” the activists screamed when we departed.


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