What Happened To Paula Deen After Racist Remarks?

Before we called ‘cancel culture’ cancel culture, Paula DeenHer career was ruined by racism. In 2013, the once-beloved chef was sued over racial discrimination. It rocked her empire. What has she done since? Let’s find out.

Quick refresher

Deen was a star of the Food Network in its early days. Paula’s Home CookingAdditional shows focusing on her southern cooking style were soon created. Her success coincided with many successful cookbooks, restaurants, and other culinary endeavors. She was a well-known chef by 2013.

The chickens returned home to roost. Lisa Jackson took Deen to court in 2013 for racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Deen was criticized for repeatedly using the N-word. She also came under fire over fantasizing about a “Southern plantation-style” wedding where black male servers would tend to white guests, an homage to American slavery. The suit was later dropped. 

Unlike many other folks, the racism seriously derailed Deen’s career. She was dropped by QVC’s Food Network and lost all sponsorships. Deen became a common name for a celebrity who disappeared because of racist comments. She lives now as a punchline.

What’s She Been Up To?

Contrary to popular belief, Deen’s life didn’t totally spiral out of control. Her Food Network show was canceled, but her restaurants continued to be in business. She reopened her restaurant earlier this year. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, so her restaurant empire didn’t go anywhere. She was also able to secure a new book publisher and continues to distribute a very successful magazine. If you’re looking for Paula Deen, she’s not hard to find.

Deen attempted to make mainstream a comeback in 2015 when he went on Dancing With The Stars. She made it to week five, but lost to BindiIrwin. She hosts several syndicated shows on fledging networks, such as ShopHQ and Roku.

Another great comeback

Deen is making a comeback to mainstream media. She’s returning to the series Masterchef alongside chef Gordon Ramsay. She’s joining this season, christened Masterchef: LegendsTo help Ramsay award $250,000 for a home chef. Just for a hoot, here’s an ancient clip of Bourdain visiting one of Ramsay’s restaurants. This clip was used to introduce Ramsay to a TV audience. Deen’s latest stint on Masterchef failed to generate much controversy, so perhaps she’s back to stay.