What Does ‘Bing Bong’ Mean? TikTok’s Latest Trend Explained

TikTok trends are always confusing to those not in the know, but lucky for you, we’re here to explain why you’ve been seeing millions of videos of people saying “bing bong!” The audio consists of a few other choice phrases that users are lip-syncing along to, sometimes while flipping the camera off. Where did this trend originate?

Where Did It Come from?

The audio clips were taken directly from an Instagram streetshow filmed in New York City. called Sidetalk. Jack Byrne hosts the show, as is Trent Simonian. The show’s intro features an audio clip of subway doors opening, accompanied by the two-note chime all New Yorkers are familiar with. 

Gorilla Nems, a Brooklyn musician, hosted an episode of the show in April 2021. He accidentally created a TikTok fad. At various points in the episode, Nems calls out “bing bong!” imitating the show’s intro. He used it to punctuate his interview subjects’ opinions and express his enthusiasm, and it quickly became his catchphrase. 

We now move on to October Sidetalk Filmed fans after a Knicks game. Amid the cheering from fans, you can hear someone call out “Bing bong!” The clip went viral among Knicks fans, then spread to the rest of the internet. 

TikTokers has taken audio clips from different episodes of SidetalkThey then merged them to create a master audio with memorable phrases. People use the audio to tell everything from makeup tutorials and videos of themselves having fun with their friends. 

Other popular catchphrases from The Clip

“Bing bong” is the most famous phrase from the video, but another fan-favorite line was said by one of Nems’ interview subjects. When asked by Nems who the president is, the man responds, “Joe Byron.” The interview continues, with Nems asking, “What do you wanna tell Joe Byron right now?” The man responds, “What’s up, baby? Take me out to dinner.” 

Another audio clip was also taken from the interview and went viral around Thanksgiving. Nems asks the same man, “What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?” The man responds, “Beans, rice, Jesus Christ, and Byron.”

Although the sound bites focus on New York, TikTok users from all over the globe are creating videos using the audio. The original sound clip has been used over half a million times in TikToks. stars like Lil Nas XJonas Brothers creating videos using the sound. The phrase has become so popular, it’s even inspired merch items.

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