Wells Fargo Customers Left Furious After Nationwide Incident, Check Your Account

February 07, 2019Feb 07, 2019

A marketing disaster is once again striking at Wells Fargo bank. Customers around the nation were left furious after a new incident swept the company on Thursday.

According to reports, an outage affected the ATMs, online, and mobile banking systems. It caused a major headache for everyone involved.

"Customers who have tried to access Wells Fargo online get a message about technical issues. In the most recent update from Wells Fargo, the company says they are suffering from 'systems issues that is causing intermittent outages' Some customers are also reporting the issue is impacting ATMs and credit cards," wrote Fox Business.

The company took to social media to address the issue. They apologized to customers and told them they were working to fix the issue. They signed off by asking customers to check back later in the day for more updates.

"The problem reportedly began Wednesday night. This is the second time in a month Wells Fargo customers had an issue accessing the bank’s online system on February 1," according to Fox.

Wells Fargo has made headlines in recent years for numerous scandals and issues. Now, customers are sure to be upset when they are unable to access their accounts or their money. Let us know if this had an impact on you.

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