Wells Fargo Accused of Persecuting Christian Group

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

As the Christian view of marriage becomes more unpopular within the wider culture, persecution against Christians in America — and anybody who holds firm to the traditional view of marriage — seems to be at an all time high. As a result, LifeSite News claimed on Wednesday that Wells Fargo Bank may be linked to persecution of pro-family groups for their supposed "hateful" views on marriage. 

On Thursday, the "pro-family, pro-children" Ruth Institute was notified that its online donation processor, Vanco, had cut off services because the institute supposedly promotes "hate, violence, harassment, or abuse." It has been alleged, says LifeSite News, that there might be a connection to Wells Fargo Bank.

LifeSite News reports that Stephanie Zercher, a spokesman for Vanco's public relations firm, Marsden Marketing, remarked that “Vanco depends on the assessment of its banking partners to guide its decisions on continuing customer relationships that those partners believe violate processing policies. Accordingly, based on that assessment, we terminated our processing relationship with the Ruth Institute on Thursday, August 31.”

Vanco's reply thus points directly to its banking partners, most notably among them Wells Fargo, who LifeSite News reached out to on Friday night. They did not receive a timely response.

"Many have expressed shock at the treatment the Ruth Institute received from its service providers, citing the pro-family organization as a hate group," writes LifeSite News. "The Ruth Institute is one of a growing number of Christian pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-family organizations whose online operations and presence is being undermined by tech firms who rely on information provided the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to identify supposed hate groups.”

Rod Dreher, author of the Benedict Option and writer for the American Conservative, has expressed his concern for large corporations refusing small Christian clients. According to him, this is a dangerous precedent, and could happen to any of us, not just the Ruth Institute. Indeed, the Ruth Institute was not a hate group, but rather a pro-family, pro-children Christian organization.

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