Well, This Throws Cold Water On Kaepernick's Whole Argument

November 18, 2016Nov 18, 2016

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is trying to change the nation, but there's one really basic thing he's never done.

As previously reported, Kaepernick announced that not only was he sending a message by protesting the National Anthem but he wasn't even going to vote in this election. Well, now something else has come up to throw cold water on his whole argument.

According to the Sacramento Bee, not only did Kaepernick not vote this time around, he has never voted in his life. At least legally. Despite having been old enough to vote for the past 11 years, the California resident never registered to vote in either of the two states he's resided in. He didn't even vote for Obama the last two times around.

Apparently it's easier to take a knee on the field then to walk into a polling place.

A similar sentiment could be applied to the current crop of anti-Trump protesters who are rallying against a president-elect who was fairly and democratically elected in an election that many of them didn't even participate in.

Voting must just be too boring compared to blocking freeways and breaking stuff. Perhaps future presidents should be chosen in a cage match.

What do you think of this?