Well-Known College Football Coach Fired Amid Scandalous Accusations

January 03, 2018Jan 03, 2018

Reports are coming in that the University of Arizona fired their head football coach on Wednesday. 

According to The Hill, the university has fired Rich Rodriguez on Tuesday after investigating into allegations of sexual harassment against him. The investigation occurred after a former administrative assistant to the coach filed a $7.5 million claim against Rodriguez with the state attorney general. 

Rodriguez had vehemently denied the allegations against him as "baseless and false," although he does claim that he has engaged in certain misconduct.

"Regrettably, the complaint included a single truth — in the past, I had a consensual extramarital affair with a woman who is not affiliated with the University," Rodriguez claimed in his statement. "It was wrong, and I have apologized to my wife and family. I am still working incredibly hard to repair the bonds I've broken and regain the trust of my wife and children, whom I love dearly."


According to the New York Times, Rodriguez has claimed that the allegations levied against him are totally false. He also claims that during the investigation he had voluntarily taken a polygraph test, which he claims that he passed. 

The dismissal of this well-known football coach comes amid a wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations that exploded in the aftermath of the New York Time's investigations into Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Numerous Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and media elites have been accused of misconduct.

Rodriguez had previously coached Michigan and Western Virginia. He recorded a record of 118-83 at those schools and Arizona. 

Unfortunately, according to the New York Times, it is unclear at this time whether the 16 high school seniors who pledged to play for Arizona will be able to get out of their commitments, despite uncertainty about the future of the team. 

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