Popular 74-Year-Old Politician Savagely Beaten to a Pulp, Rushed to Hospital

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

The political world has become increasingly hostile and violent in recent months. The political divide between ideologies has been seen all around the world, and especially in America.

Now, a popular politician was beaten to a pulp by two young men. The attack left him in need of some serious hospital care and surgery. He was practically unrecognizable when the first photos emerged from his hospital room.

According to The Sun, the former US Ambassador for Britain during 9/11, top envoy Sir Christopher Meyer, was brutally attacked. The incident occurred as he walked on the Tube platform before two teenagers knocked him unconscious and began bludgeoning him.

"Britain’s ex-US ambassador also suffered torn ligaments in his hand and a swollen eye, chin, and nose. His family released a photo of him lying blood-soaked at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London. Docs were yesterday preparing to operate on his hand and mouth. The dad of four was set upon around 3 pm on Wednesday at central London’s Victoria Station," reported The Sun.

Meyer's wife has since spoken out about the attack. She called it a complete "disgrace" and shared the sentiment felt by the rest of the good people in the world.

“I’m angry a tiny number of people behave this way and we don’t take stronger measures. All he remembers is walking down a platform — he was on his way to a think tank meeting. We have no idea what the motive was. If they just wanted to steal something from him, then why beat him up like that?”

Meyer serves as Britain's U.S. Ambassador from 1997-2003. He was also the Primes Minister's Press Secretary from 1994-1996. Please join us in praying for his swift recovery.

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