Weird Details Show The Traps Tad Cummins Had Been Laying For Elizabeth Thomas

May 10, 2017May 10, 2017

As police and detectives release information about the kidnapping of Elizabeth Thomas, the public is learning more and more about the strange and inappropriate relations Tad Cummins was having with her.

Friends of Elizabeth say she was a loner who had few friends. She was in her first year of public school and trying to navigate a changing environment. Many have said Tad was the only real relationship she had developed while in her first year of high school.

Cummins grew so close to Elizabeth that he began inviting her to church with him and his wife. He also bought a microwave and set it up in his classroom so Elizabeth could eat lunch with him. Tad also got to know Elizabeth on a personal level, helping her cope with her history of abuse and taking advantage of her vulnerable state.

After an anonymous student reported that Cummins had kissed Elizabeth, Cummins was investigated for his behavior with the teen. Days later, he would kidnap her in what would become a nationwide manhunt.

Watch the video below to learn more about who Elizabeth Thomas really is and the traps Tad Cummins set while grooming her.

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