Wedding Comes to Tragic End, Bride & Groom Killed on Way to Their Honeymoon Destination

August 30, 2018Aug 30, 2018

“Until death do us part” came too soon for a young and in-love Utah couple. Just weeks after their small and intimate wedding on August 11th, the bride and groom were killed while traveling to their honeymoon destination.

Amy Moffat, 28, and Stephen Graham, 30, where reportedly road tripping with friends to Whistler, Canada for their honeymoon, reported PEOPLE. The bride was behind the wheel of her truck when she fell asleep and began drifting to the left.

She became alert, then tried to correct the vehicle. Unfortunately, Moffat overcorrected causing the truck to roll.

The newlyweds’ friends were following close behind and witnessed the tragic accident. They quickly got out of their car to check on them after the truck stopped rolling; however, it was clear that their newly-married friends did not survive the wreck.

Prior to the accident, Moffat shared a series of romantic photos from their special day. In the heartwarming post, she gushed about her new husband.

“This weekend I felt like the luckiest girl in the world...I can’t tell you how much I love this man. I’ve never felt more loved, or have been treated more like a queen, than by anyone else in my life. Stephen is more than I could’ve ever asked for in a partner, in a lover, in a best friend,” she wrote.

“For now our marriage is until death do us part. But soon enough we can go to a temple of God and have our marriage sealed for eternity,” the bride added.

Please keep their family in your prayers during this difficult time. In other breaking news, the alleged former lover of Chris Watts just came forward and revealed outlandish details about their affair.