Watters Asks People In NYC: Should Immigrants Have to Speak English?

August 08, 2017Aug 08, 2017

President Trump sparked an uproar in the liberal community last week with an immigration reform plan that would give immigrant hopefuls who know English a higher priority in the acceptance process. The left was quick to label Trump as racist, and CNN’s Jim Acosta got mocked by White House advisor Stephen Miller after he implied that an English-only policy would restrict immigration to only people from Great Britain and Australia.

The mainstream media was quick to paint Trump’s idea as absolutely absurd, beyond the pale, and ridiculous to even think of as a possibility. According to CNN, Trump’s proposal also included preferential admission for immigrants who have a skillset that U.S. economy could benefit from, advanced education, and the ability to earn enough money to afford health care.

“Trump’s immigration bill seeks to ‘Make America White Again,’” the Miami Herald proclaimed.

“The only way to understand Mr. Trump’s vocal support of an obvious turkey is as yet another attempt to energize his dwindling base of right-wing and nativist supporters,” the New York Times declared in an editorial.

“Give Me Your Strong, Your English-Speaking, Your Individuals Yearning To Be Rich,” was the derisive headline by a Huffington Post contributor, with a subheadline stating, “These policies will only serve to alienate potential immigrants and send them elsewhere.”

But is this the opinion of most Americans? Jesse Watters of Fox News’ “Watters’ World” decided to go to the heart of immigration in the America — New York City — to find out what people on the street think of Trump’s plan. Take a look:

NBC Washington reported last week that the U.S. Senate Republicans largely ignored the president’s immigration plan. They’re showing little interest in reforming immigration policy this year, despite it being a key issue for Trump voters during the election.

What do you think of this? Watch that moment when Trump’s senior advisor put CNN’s Jim Acosta to shame on U.S. immigration law and history after Acosta attacked Trump.

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