WATCH: What Really Happens At A Trump Rally And What The Mainstream Media Won’t Show You

March 18, 2016Mar 18, 2016

The major news networks in the country continue to paint Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and his followers as racist and “phobic” individuals who are “anti” this and “anti” that.  The anchors and pundits and even Obama have all accused Trump and his supporters of inciting violence.

The mainstream media shows video of violent protests outside of the Trump’s campaign stops and blame him for the protestors actions and lack of civility.  But what they won’t show you is that the majority of Trump supporters are well mannered and well meaning people who are fed up by the political establishment and the politically correct agenda they continue to spoon feed to the country.

What they won’t show you is the civil conversations between “Black Lives Matter” activists and Trump supporters.  They won’t show you videos like this one that show Trump supporters embracing a “Black Lives Matter” activist and him embracing them back.  They won’t show these peaceful videos because it goes completely against what they want you to believe about Donald Trump.

Even if Trump is not your candidate of choice, it is plain to see that the media have a very specific agenda that undermines the will of the people.