Watch What Happens When Man With U.S. Flag Crashes Cuba’s May Day March

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May 01, 2017May 01, 2017

As May Day protests raged in a number of cities in America, often in protest of President Trump’s war against illegal immigration and in support of liberal ideals, one brave man decided to stand up to the pro-communist International Workers’ Day in Havana, Cuba.

During what Reuters described as a “highly-orchestrated” May Day event across Revolution Square — where Fidel Castro used to address millions of Cubans — a man was caught on video running with an American flag in his hands in front of hundreds of thousands of protesters bearing photos of Castro.

Ducking under a giant banner that translates to “Our strength is unity,” the sprinting man in a Cuban flag T-shirt can be seen running in front of cameras while yelling as a horde of angry people quickly pursue him.

The footage posted by Russian-based, Germany-headquartered Ruptly TV soon cuts to a scene of runner being surrounded by more than a dozen people and having the American flag ripped out of his hands.

But the video shows he wasn’t willing to go down without a fight as he momentarily freed himself from the mob before being dragged violently away.

Although the people pulling the man away appear to all be in plain clothes, Ruptly TV notes that they’re security personnel. A couple of the security personnel can be seen directing the crowd the cheer.

Welcome to the worker’s paradise.

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