Watch: Viral Interview Backfire on CNN As Syrian Chemical Attack Survivor Praises Trump

April 08, 2017Apr 08, 2017

It was the interview that went horribly out of control for CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Friday, April 7 edition of Newsroom.

Brooke Baldwin’s guest was from Syria which survived a 2013 chemical attack. His name was Kassem Eid, who two days earlier pleaded for help from President Donald Trump on her show.

They were to discuss the Syrian regime's sarin gas attack on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun and President Trump's subsequent military response.

Brooke Baldwin's blatant attempt to persuade Kassem that Trump didn’t care for the refugees backfired in her face.

Kassem said he cried with joy when he heard that the United States had bombed the Syrian airbase. "I thanked God. I was overwhelmed," he said.

He poured out huge amounts of praise all about Trump for his missile attack but also rejecting the theory inserted by Baldwin regarding a Hillary Clinton clip that the president was hypocritical because of his refugee policy.

Watch The Video Here:

"With all due respect, with all due respect," Kassem began. "I didn't see each and every person who was demonstrating after the travel ban... I didn't see you three days ago when people were gassed to death...I didn't see you in 2013 when 1,400 people were gassed to death. I didn't see you raising your voice against President Obama's inaction in Syria that left us, refugees," he said, completely deflating her expectations.

"If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please -- help us stay here in our country," he continued. "We don't want to come to the United States. We want to stay in our country. We want to stay in our country," he repeated. "With all due respect, this is hypocrisy. If you really care, if you really us stay in our country. We don't want to become refugees. We want to stay in our country. Help us establish safe zones, he pleaded.

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