Watch Vet RIP Into Obama In The Most INCREDIBLE Way For Thinking All Blacks Will Vote Dem

September 21, 2016Sep 21, 2016

In a recent speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, President Barack said it would be a "personal insult" to him if anyone in the black community didn't vote for Hillary.

That statement set black Army veteran A.D. Bell off on an epic rant against Obama and liberals and about how the black community is controlled by the "Democratic plantation." His rant is 9 minutes long, but it is pure gold.

(Note: His rant really takes off at 3:05)

Here are some of our favorite lines:
— "When Donald says, 'We must be tough,' you know what the liberals said? 'What does he mean, "tough?"' These people are so smart they're dumb!"
— "We've got to stop voting for [Democrats] because they put labels on our backs. They want to put us in a box, or a basket, like Mrs. Clinton called it. These people are not good for democracy."
— "I feel like liberals and Democrats have insulted me for a long time. I feel like liberals and Democrats have insulted black people for a long time. You know what I'm doing? I'm voting against them!"
— "So what are you going to do, Mr. Obama? I will accept the punishment for not staying on the Democratic plantation!"
— "If you [black people] didn't not find [Obama] disrespectful, then you are part of the problem, because that was highly disrespectful!"
— "This is only going to get uglier. But I'm not backing down. You won't stop me. You won't change my opinion. You come for me; I'm willing to go there. I'm ready. Because, guess what I got? I've got my own mind. And that's something that you can never take away from me, and I will use it to battle you, and your minions, and your bosses."