WATCH: This Mom Won't Be Intimidated By School Superintendent For Giving "Jesus Lunch"

April 27, 2016Apr 27, 2016

This mom is no pushover. And every school needs one like her. Fox News reports that a group of mothers has been giving a home-made lunch to students at the park across the street from their campus and then sharing with them about Jesus. Shockingly, this has become a very heated issue with the school.


School administrators in Middleton, Wisconsin have been trying to bully these moms into quitting giving the students lunch. They have used tactics like saying their food isn't "up to district safety standards" or saying they are in violation of the school's lease with the park.

But amidst the numerous attempts to silence the mothers, these women are not backing down. They have hired a lawyer, Phillip Stamman, who said, “These women will not be intimidated. They are wholeheartedly committed to serving the students a free meal while sharing a Christian message.”

Here, you can watch the school superintendent try to intimidate a mother into shutting down the lunch. As you can see, she is not easily intimidated.

This battle wages on, and we pray the mothers win out! They are doing an incredible thing for these students and their children and should be applauded! Do you agree?