Watch the Unbelievable Performance of Worship Pastor on America's Got Talent

June 06, 2018Jun 06, 2018

This week on America’s Got Talent, a worship pastor and father of 6 blew judges and fans out of the water with his stunning performance. Michael Ketterer’s performance earned him a standing ovation and a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell!

What is even more moving than Ketterer’s performance, however, is his story. He and his wife, Ivy, have adopted five kids through the foster care system, giving them a total of six children.

He told the judges on AGT that his children are the reason that he is pursuing his dreams on national television. He noted that when someone is focusing on survival, they are unable to dream. He wanted to adopt children out of the foster care system so that they are able to dream again, and wants to set an example by following his own dreams.

Ketterer has worshiped alongside several prominent worship groups, including United Pursuit, Bethel Worship, and Influence Church. At the end of May, Influence Music released their new album, which was highly influenced by Ketterer’s personal story with his children.

Below is one of their songs titled “Kingdom.”

While he was already gaining notoriety in the worship music world, now he is bridging a gap between church and culture as well. Now, his story, character, and voice are making an impact on America’s Got Talent.

Watch the video below of his performance from the beginning rounds of America’s Got Talent:

What do you think about his performance? Will you be cheering on Michael Ketterer this season?! Let us know! In other recent news, Kate Spade's family broke the silence after she took her own life and revealed some heartbreaking details. Please continue praying for them during this hard time.