Watch: People in Hollywood Asked Their Opinion On Twitter War Between Trump, MLK

January 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018

Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has made it clear he’s no fan of Trump, but his latest “man on the street” segment certainly didn’t put some Trump critics in a good light. As part of his “Lie Witness News” series, Kimmel decided to ask people what they thought of the current, ongoing Twitter battle between President Trump and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Dr. Martin Luther King has been gone for 50 years, but did that stop people from weighing in on this impossible feud? No, it did not!” Kimmel told his laughing audience.

“Why do those two not get along?” two young women were asked on camera.

“Well, it seems like Donald Trump isn’t really into African Americans,” one of them answered.

Asked if it was right for MLK to boycott Trump’s inauguration, a young man replied, “I think that Martin Luther King has the right to not go.”

“Is there any excuse he could have for not going to the inauguration?” he was asked.

The man replied, “Um, I say ‘yes’ because everybody has the right to not go to something that they don’t feel they want to, um, go to.”

“Maybe he had plans that day?” he was asked.

The young man answered, “Ya, he could have had something else to go to. Maybe he had a family event.”

“Maybe a funeral?”

“Ya, maybe a funeral.”

Watch the full two minutes of interviews below (Content warning: One racial slang term):

Just as mind-boggling was a “Lie Witness News” segment Kimmel did for MLK Day in 2015 where he asked 14 people their opinion on the speech MLK gave at the U.S. Capitol that very morning. Here’s what seven of them said (Content warning: One mild cuss word):

What do you think of this? In other news, MLK’s nephew took on CNN’s Don Lemon after the liberal host kept insisting that Trump is a racist.

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